From the origin to... A bit of our story

Nyny Ryke is not only a fashion brand, but also a combination of words which means " Only sweetness ", " Cuteness" or " So good" in Togolese dialect "Kabyé" (West Africa).

Nyny Ryke is an Ethical Fashion brand officially founded in 2014 initially as a “niche brand” and “made-to-measure” 

Between 2020 and 2021, her passion become officially a Business, building around the brand a team of skilled artisans and fostering collaborations that span across continents demonstrates a commitment to quality craftsmanship and a global perspective. By embracing diverse techniques and collaborating with artisans from different backgrounds, the brand can offer unique and innovative products that resonate with customers worldwide. This approach not only enriches the brand's offerings but also creates opportunities for cultural exchange and mutual learning among artisans.

Land, Where Tradition & Modernity meet

Ethical fashion for Nyny Ryke means being able to work on what she is passionate about valuing interpersonal relationships, valuing craftsmanship and in somehow our roots, because these are the factors that make our ideas, fabrics and garments original and unique.
What role does the brand play in sustainability?
At least 80% the materials and fabrics we use to produce, and ship come from companies that have sustainability as approach, which are certified organic, eco-friendly, recycle and up-cycled as much as possible.
Furthermore, we also give some direct contribution through:
Patternmaking and sewing courses provided to local tailors in Togo.
Active on improving the working and living conditions of young women and men, implementing their knowledge in fashion and textiles as well as fair and equitable pay for everyone.

Why Slow Fashion?

The development of unique inventions like 'Kentelig' and 'Elasken' demonstrates a dedication to innovation while honouring traditional techniques and materials.

We believe in artisanship with a modern twist and fusion of cultures. all our creations are artfully handmade with the highest savoir-faire, using timeless and season-less, quality raw material such as cotton and traditional techniques mastered by skilled artisans.

We create capsule collection of apparels and accessories starting from the our textiles. Therefore, some of the items might be on stock but most of them are made-to-order basis, allowing us to value quality, authenticity over quality and reflecting our belief that “slow fashion” should represents the future of the fashion industry.

We partnership with a cooperative of women in North of Togo, border with Burkina-Faso where we source our raw material, as well as  in Lome . Also with artisans that craft most of our Bags and shoes with the goal to be fully plastic free, both in our products and in our production by 2030.

We’re not just creating fashion pieces but also making a meaningful impact on people and the planet.