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Nyny Ryke

LillianW- Handbag, Kaba, Tote bag

LillianW- Handbag, Kaba, Tote bag

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Lillian W are pratical Shoulder bag, elegant Tote bags made entirely in heavy duty Kente a handwoven textiles 100% in organic cotton

Ideal as everyday accessories, workplace, city, beach pic-nic and shopping bag


-Comfortable and spacious

- Carry it the hand or on the shoulder thanks to the perfect length straps in Kente

Tote 1, with satin lining, internal zipped pocket and waterproof canvas straps

Tote 2 , with wide and simple space to fit everything you would like


-Both multifunctional 

-Main closure Zip fastened for Tote 1 and magnetic claps for Tote 2


Bag measurements

Tote1 - L x 34 cm W x 44 cm. Approx Weight 570 gms

Tote2 - L x 39 cm W x 47 cm. Approx Weight 570 gms (Base 39cm x 22cm and Side 47cm x 22cm)

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