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Nyny Ryke

Baule - Bogolan, Mudcluth hand Bag

Baule - Bogolan, Mudcluth hand Bag

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Unique piece

Baulé hand bag is in Bogolan and lined with hand dyed 100% cotton fabric knows as Batik.

Handwoven and hand painted cotton

Mudcloth knows as well as Bogolanfini is composed of a few handwoven cotton strips hand sewn together to complete an entire fabric. Next they paint it with fermented mud from local rivers which has been aged up to one year following an ancestral technique. It is hand crafted by artisans therefore there may be small irregularities regarding the colour.

Has two almost three times room or space compare to how its look like, you have to see it to believe. As I like to say is  “Timeless and “Seasonless”


The base and lips of the bag are in eco Leather 

Inside Linen Batik with zipped small pocket 

Closure by a gold colour zip 


H 29cm, Wide of base 13cm L 40cm

Approx Weight 435 gsm

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